How To Keep Your Baby Warm While Babywearing In Cold Weather And Winter

There are many ways to keep your baby warm during cold weather walks. One of the best options is a carrier wrap. However, if you are dealing with particularly harsh and freezing temperatures, you will likely need more to keep your baby warm and toasty.

Options for Cold Weather Babywearing

Boots and Mitts

It is important to note that a baby’s hands and feet are still vulnerable to cold weather, even while wearing a wrap. As a result, they will need extra coverage. You can give your baby this by doubling up on socks or snuggling their feet into a warm pair of winter boots. 

A baby’s hands are almost always in motion. So, when you consider what to use to keep their digits warm, select a product that will stay put. 

For instance, the hand mitts that babies often wear are a great option. In regions where cold weather is more common, these mitts should be available in warm fabric. The best thing about baby mittens is that you can loosely tie them closed. 

Face, Ears, and Head

A baby’s face should never be covered up by any fabric or clothing item. In fact, every time you look at your baby while carrying them, you should see their face clearly. That said, keeping their ears and head warm is essential to prevent them from getting too cold. 

Hats are a great way to keep a baby’s head warm while leaving their face exposed. A wool hat or faux fur-lined hat is especially warm. Choosing a hat that covers your baby’s ears ensures that you won’t have to worry about earmuffs. One less piece of clothing!

Everything Else

It is important to keep in mind that your baby will be wrapped in warm clothing and receiving body heat from being close to you. Depending on the weather, a long-sleeved undershirt, sweater, and winter jacket will likely be enough to keep your baby warm. It is essential to adjust what your baby wears to suit the weather outside.

Fitting more than one pair of pants over a baby’s diaper can be difficult. So, you might attempt a pair of leggings and loose pants over those. Ensure that the pants’ waistband is not digging into your baby, as this could cause discomfort.

 It is also a great idea to make diapers change an easy possibility, despite the layers. Take this into account when you select your baby’s clothing.

Take Safety into Account with a Carrier Wrap from Mamapod

Walking outside in winter can be hazardous. Therefore, it is crucial to wear the proper foot attire that allows for good grip and less sliding. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your baby is secure in their baby carrier before going outside. 

If you do not have an adjustable baby carrier, the extra layers of clothing could cause discomfort for your baby. Consider purchasing a Mamapod baby carrier. This carrier is designed to prevent back pain through the even distribution of your baby’s weight.

Customers rave about the versatility of the Mamapod and how comfortable it is. So, maybe it’s time to try it yourself!

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